May 29, 2007

May 29 - Memorial Day at SJ Beach getaway

Drove to SJ Beachweekend via Kitty Hawk (See Wright Brothers Memorial entry)

Stopped at Manteo for German restaurant (See Der Pit Stoppen entry)

Weekend at Emerald Isle with





miscellaneous drunks from SJ on houses on each side of us...

speaking of drunks, wow...there were alot of them out. including yours truly. Saturday night spent walking back and forth between houses, sampling the drink special of the house.

lots of homecooking, jigsaw puzzles, drinks, sun....

hopefully some photos will appear here. (done!)

May 26, 2007

May 26 - Der Pit Stoppen


ok, so after walking around the hallowed grounds of Kitty Hawk, no aviator would pass up the chance to have a bavarian dinner/beer at a lost german bierhall, tucked away on a small island in NC.

this place has awesome food and makes it's own authentic beer on the premises. (edit--i'm now back in Va, drinking the last of the case i bought there)

so today's recommendation is easy....The Weeping Radish

May 26 - Wright Brothers Memorial - NC

Pit stop on the way to beach weekend at Emerald Isle North Carolina. We're heading down to stay a couple of days with F-15E friends now stationed at SJAFB. But the way things ended up, the five couples in our house were all stationed together at Lakenheath. If it turns out to be anything like the big bashes like SJ beach weekends I knew from before, it promises to be a good time!

edit--it turned out to be a veeeeery good time indeed!

in any case, no aviator can pass up a chance to stop at the most important aviation site of all time! Perfect weather too!