Apr 14, 2007

Apr 14 - Hostage Crisis Over!

the squadron commander of the squadron i will eventually end up at (94th FS) is a good friend of mine. i told him in Jan/Feb to think of any excuse for me to work around the squadron while i wait on clearances, it would be beneficial to his squadron getting to know me and even more so for me just to be home. so i guess he finally figured out something for me to do. i got a phone call on wednesday saying that my LM boss was quite eager to sign off on it b/c they are "very worried about keeping me happy". by friday afternoon i was on a plane back home!

the LM guy that will train me for the F22 specific job (once the clearances are finalized) is about to go on his Reserve Navy duty in europe. he won't be back in the country until early june. so it seems that i will be "stuck" here at home until june! ha! fran was disappointed in the change, b/c she was looking forward to going to live on the florida beach after her classes finished, but i guess she'll settle for me being at home in the meantime! :)

so i have been "promoted" to being the squadron scheduler while i wait on things. funny...that was the same job i did when i was a Capt. at least i'm getting paid better! :)

Apr 12, 2007

Apr 12 - Walk in the forest turns hot!


One of the last afternoons in Marietta spent on a short walk at another civil war battlefield. Very nice walk and near the end, some park official were doing a controlled burn.

It certainly added to the feel of the walk through a place where thousands lost their lives...i could almost hear the rebel yell and whizzing of minie-balls across the valley.

Apr 12 - Marietta Hostage Crisis - Day 94

some news on the hostage crisis. while i won’t get a new suit and an interview with the president before boarding a jet home, i will at least be going home. and i haven’t received a “full pardon” just yet. but a friend at LAFB came thru and has figured out a way for me to work in the squadron until my clearances come thru.

so i’m busy disassembling my hotel/prison room, boxing up stuff, packing the bags. it will be good to be home finally!

Apr 9, 2007

Apr 09 - Today's recommendation: Read this article, print ...

Today's recommendation: Read this article, print it out before it is buried by the Global Warming conspirators, then see if you can get a refund on all those carbon credits The Goracle is pushing.

while you're reading articles about hoaxes, read this one too from last summer about how far the MSM has fallen.

Return from Parole

New rental

I usually ask for a Toyota Camry at the rental car pickup at the Atlanta Airport. But they were out on my return. This was the only thing they could get for me short of an SUV. I figured that this would be fun and maybe more economical.

It has a big engine, I can say that much. It handles pretty good. Long hood, low riding, and the rear seat is a joke, the dashboard rattles terribly, the speakers are blown, and it used almost a 1/8 tank of gas just to get from the airport to the hotel. I could see the needle moving as I drove. I wasn't driving like a NASCAR-wannabee either.

More evidence that I'm growing old...knocking a sports (sporty?) car for its gas mileage! When I get my Camaro back up and running, what will I think of it?

Apr 7, 2007

At Yorktown on Parole

Sure you've read about their radar evading technology, their synergy of combat systems, but have you heard that they are good with butter and honey?

Here is the latest F-22 mod to roll out of LM...F-22 shaped biscuits. made'em myself. now where is that recipe for grits?

Apr 1, 2007

Apr 01 - Marietta Hostage Crisis - Day 83

Insurgent allergens are still heavily engaged in their attacks. They’ve gained a new ally, pictured below. I found this one sneaking around on base, just across the street from the BX. I don’t know how it got through the front gate. It must have been well disguised. Intel hasn’t come up with the name of the new intruder.

Friday I spotted another suspicious group hanging around the parking lot at LM. Seems this particular sect quietly invades the undergrowth near its host, slowly creeping further and further up the local canopy all year long. It then engages in the tactic known as a Spring Offensive, waiting for the weather to warm up and then erupting in full bloom. Intel reports have identified this newest enemy in the War on Pollen as Wisteria.

Yesterday I drove back to Stone Mountain. (Fran and I went there when she was here on Spring Break...which reminds me I need to write about the places we visited while she was here) There was a car show going on in one of the exhibit areas featuring muscle cars. It was being put on by Year One, a company that has grown considerably from the last time I looked at one their catalogs. Seems like you can almost build a complete 1967-69 Camaro these days, almost from nothing. That’s quite a change from the last time I scoured a junk yard, looking for some small body or engine part. So it looks like it will be easier to re-build the Camaro when I start that project. Whenever THAT will be.

Some inspiring photos from the car show:

Today’s recommendation: The Art of Shaving. The company (especially the sales people in the brick and mortar stores) have an air of arrogance, but their shaving stuff is pretty good. But holy cow...expensive! I got a splashy DVD that teaches me how to shave using their products I purchased yesterday. I think I’d prefer saving some money and skipping the whole DVD experience.