Mar 30, 2008

Colonial tavern for lunch in Charolettesville

Mar 25, 2008

Camping in style

Saying good bye to that smelly old popup trailer we used to rent from Outdoor Rec!

Mar 18, 2008

Vietnam era history review

Since there appears to be so many re-writers of what used to be recent history, here's a pretty good summary of the war that everyone keeps comparing Iraq to:

The Fonda Fallacies: Why Jane Fonda Was Wrong, and Why It Matters Today

Too bad a well-documented summary springs from a discusson on the poster-child for Hollywood stupidity: Hanoi Jane.

Could there be a better example of why Hollywood douchebags and other self described "trend-setters" should stay out of politics and just stay in my TV / Radio / Movie screen?

Mar 9, 2008

View from the window at the Inn at Biltmore

I had a week long meeting in Marietta and Fran came along too as it was her spring break. On the way back we stopped in and stayed a couple of nights at the Biltmore estate. The hotel was just an excuse to stop and get more wine!

Anyways, it was just a few weeks before all the flowers start blooming, but it was still a nice stay.