Jun 25, 2010

Way too hot this week.

No camping even though we have the trailer still in the front yard.

Fran bought the most chocolately cake ever known to man for Father’s day...made us both sick it was so good and chocolately. we had to throw half of it out b/c we couldn’t stop eating it!

max is walking faster, but falling down more often. He fell into the built in bookcases last weekend, the very sharp corner catching him in a straight line from his right eyebrow down past his mouth. he woke up the next day with his first black eye! he fell later in the week on his face out in the road in front of the house and the next day had a very skinned up and red nose. So by the end of the week, a black eye and red skinned up nose. i’m surprised we haven’t been accused of abuse by the look of him. fran took him to Ft Eustis on the off chance that he might have some fluid on the ear that was affecting his balance. The verdict---no fluid, he’s just at the falling stage. we both now wince everytime he takes off running after the dog or whatever happens to catch his eye.