Jul 26, 2007

Sunset over Great Salt Lake. I went to a traini...

Sunset over Great Salt Lake. I went to a training course near Hill AFB last week. I've been there several times before, but never went out to Antelope Island. Too bad, b/c it is just a short drive from the hotel area where I've always stayed. The drive along the causeway leading out to the island was nearly unbearable b/c of the rotten fish smell but I'm glad I continued. The smell was enough to nearly make me gag.

But out on the island it seemed light years away. Looking across the water as sunset approached I could have been on a Greek island. What clearly put me back in the western US was the herds (yes, I said herds) of buffalo, pronghorn antelope, and mule deer wandering around. I even saw a coyote wandering around, all within a stone's throw of the car window.

Today's recommendation is easy: Antelope Island State Park.

Previous photos were from my camera phone. Better photos from a real digital camera to follow.

Jul 23, 2007

21 apr bike ride w/kastners

Bike Ride in Yorktown

We live in a really beautiful area, and try to get outdoors as much as we can. It is hard not to enjoy the Yorktown battlefield area just down the road. The best part? The beginning of the Colonial Parkway starts right at the entrance of the park. The parkway is amazing anytime of the year, by bike or by car.

Here is a shot of one of the sunset cruise boats that ply the waters near Yorktown. It reminds us of a similar sunset boat ride Fran and I took in Santorini. We'll have to go on this boat one day.

Jul 22, 2007

from Fran

this is from Fran. This year has been one of these years that you just don't know how would it end! So far we moved to our dream house and started what should be my temporary job combined with school and Robert's new job. It's has been a bless to be in Virginia, but things are creating their own path and seems that we just need to follow it more that wonder and wish. I guess we will wait to see more place has to offer. Wish you all well!!! Fran

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does this work?

(edit - yes it does)

July 22 - Daily Journal and Blogging Solved?

So this might be it. I will use journler to do my daily entries and if I like it, I will use the applescript to push it to marsedit to upload to blogger. I suppose then i'll have to go back and manually load photos. cumbersome, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

today's recommendations:



Jul 21, 2007

July 21 - View from the Scotland Ferry

I took the top photo while on the Scotland ferry that runs between Jamestown and Scotland, Va.

We went to the Pork, Peanuts, & Pine Festival yesterday at Chippokes Plantation State Park. We drove to Jamestown and then rode bikes to the Scotland ferry and rode to the festival on little country roads. it was a nice ride. Santorini enjoyed it as well and got a lot of attention at the festival. there were lots of food booths with long lines, but also a lot of little craft stalls to see as well. it was a wonderful day overall.

Jul 14, 2007

July 14 - Fighter Pilot Joke

I'm sure there is more than one, but this one cracked me up...

He was a ragged looking old man who shuffled into the bar that afternoon.

Stinking of whiskey and cigarettes, his hands shook as he took the "Piano Player Wanted" sign from the window and gave it to the bartender.

"I'd like to apply for the job," he said.

The bar-keep wasn't too sure about this doubtful looking old guy, but it had been awhile since he had a player and business was falling off. "What do you do?" he asked.

"I used to be a fighter pilot in Vietnam," was the answer.

Now, really unsure, the bar-keep decided to give him a try...he really needed more business.

"The piano is over there...give it a go."

The old man staggered his way over to the piano and several patrons snickered. But, by the time he was into the third bar of music, every voice was silenced. What followed was a rhapsody of sound and music unlike anyone had ever heard in the bar before. When he finished, there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

The bartender brought the old guy a beer and said that he sounded really, really good. "What do you call that?" he asked.

"It's called Drop Your Panties, Baby, We're Gonna Rock Tonight," said the old pilot as he took a long pull from the beer.

"I got another," ...and he began to play again.

What followed was a knee-slappin' hand-clappin' bit of ragtime that had the place jumping.

People were coming in from the streets to hear this guy play. After he finished, the pilot acknowledged the applause and told the crowd that the song was called "Big Boobs Make My Afterburner Dance."

He then excused himself as he lurched off to the men's room.

After thinking a bit, the bartender decided to hire the guy, no matter how bad he looked, or what his songs were called.

When the guy came out of the men's room, the bartender went over to tell him he had the job, but noticed that the pilot's fly was undone and his member was hanging out.

He said, "The job is yours but first I got to ask, do you know your fly is undone and your dick is hanging out?"

"Know it?" the pilot replied, "Hell, I wrote it!"

Jul 5, 2007

July 4 - Celebrating the 4th in style

Short slide show of the days activities. It was a beautiful day all day long.

Fran started the day off (no photos) with a 5K run in Yorktown before the parade.

The Yorktown parade was a perfect throwback to small town America. Everything was honest and homemade...from the vintage cars to the bunting on the old homes to the hotdogs and snowcones to the craft fair afterwards. Almost like a movie scene.

A bit more crowded by the end of the day at Williamsburg, but surrounded by good friends and good food (and even some clandestine wine drinking) it was a great picnic under the fireworks