May 23, 2009

Max reaches escape velocity

Max finally got enough of the Langley suntan salon and came home today.

Mom is upstairs taking a well deserved shower.

Santorini and Dad are both sitting at the kitchen table looking at the baby wondering what to do next. It is unclear which one is whimpering more.

May 19, 2009

Room at the inn

The hospital called at 9pm and said for us to come on in to start the inducing. Delivery sometime tomorrow afternoon?

May 4, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Mother Finds Washington to Her Liking -

More top-notch reporting from the BHO Cheerleading section of the NYT.

An In-Law Is Finding Washington to Her Liking

But after three months in the Executive Mansion, Mrs. Robinson is unexpectedly and decidedly savoring her new life.

She entertains visitors from Chicago. She attends White House dinners and concerts hosted by her daughter, the first lady, Michelle Obama. She dines at local restaurants and delights in events at the Kennedy Center, where she often sits in the president’s box and chats with performers.

Yes, this can be found in the "Politics" section.