Aug 25, 2007

Views of St Andrew Bay (Panama City) Florida

After catching a late flight home from NYC, I had to unpack, wash, and repack to go to training here in Panama City. OK...Fran was in charge of the washing. But I helped! :)

Anyways...originally I was supposed to be here early summer and Fran and Santorini were going to come too. But that didn't happen and I am here by myself. It is still hot and summer-like here and I know Fran would really enjoy it. So she'll have to settle for a weekend end visit or two. Sorry visit for you!

The training is pretty good. Same computers, new F-22 related processes, as much simulator time as I can work into the schedule. Definitely worth the wait.

Aug 18, 2007

Central park from empire state bldg

edit-all the photos are now available here

Aug 17, 2007

Today show

Got up early this morning to try and be part of the smiling, happy, people in the background of any morning show. Good Morning America didn't have anything going on outside so we wandered down to the Today show near Rockefeller Plaza.

Sure enough, throngs of people with dumb shirts and dumber signs, struggling to get their 15 seconds of fame. So...we jumped right in and burrowed our way to the front. About that time I realize the high percentage of teeny-bopper girls and their under-dressed teeny-bopper moms. This can only mean one thing...some boy-band is playing a concert outside the studio.

Yep...turns out it is Maroon 5, and lots of swooning is going on. We were able to find a gap near where the hosts would later come out to broadcast the weather from and introduce the band.

It was interesting to watch and figure out how the cameramen "choose" who in the crowd to film. When their camera was not on, they'd point the camera at most obnoxious people and then ENCOURAGE even more obnoxious behavior, promising they'd be on TV. So when the producer was choosing what camera to choose for the next cut, he had a plethora of obnoxious swooning behavior to choose from.

Fran and I were surrounded by such behavior and so they filmed the people on the left and then on the right, but passed right by us. We both laughed at how silly people would act in order to get on TV. Sorry mom and dad, I won't be a TV star today! We got close though.

During and off camera shot, the cameraman pointed his camera at one of the previously mentioned under-dressed and hyperactive teeny-bopper moms standing right next to Fran and asked the mom if she could dance. That was all this woman needed....she let loose with some embarrassing dance moves instantly and shrieked at Fran to start dancing too.

Fran immediately knew she was in a bad position by the time the desperate woman shrieked a second time at her, as if her life depended on Fran's dancing. Fran hesitantly started with some subdued movements, but she must have been able to sense the "I will abandon you on the spot" look I was giving her, which was actually tough for me, b/c I knew I was about 2 inches from being on national TV. I am sure that the shrieking flailing teeny bopper mom was on TV b/c the red light came on, but no one has reported seeing anyone that looked like me scowling on national TV.

So close to being a star...and yet so far!

Aug 4, 2007

What is the internet?

Why do people do these things?

Chocolate Rain (danger this song might not EVER leave your head)

Where in the Hell is Matt (and I thought I danced poorly)

I do not know, nor do I know why I think it is funny. My sister say it is because I'm weird. That might be true, but it doesn't answer the first question--why do people do these things?

Hey smartypants to answer that one too? :) And while you're at dumb as it is, why does the song Chocolate Rain NEVER leave your head? :)

Aug 2, 2007

More Salt Lake City Photos

Large (well at least for 2007) herds of Buffalo grazing on Antelope Island.

A little iphoto magic makes it look like I'm back in the 1800s, hunting for ta-tanka. (What, didn't you see Dancing With Wolves?)

The reflections of the mountains in the lake were amazing. The water was so calm it was like looking at a mirror, almost like an optical illusion. Here's a slideshow of the rest of the photos: