Mar 29, 2007

Mar 29 - Marietta Hostage Crisis - Day 80

From the paper today:

"Monday's pollen count was the highest in March since the allergy clinic began recording such data in 1995, with 5,499 pollen particles in a cubic meter of air. Tuesday's was 5,208. A high pollen count is 61-120 particles per cubic meter."

So normal “high” is 120 particles...and today’s count is is more than yesterday’s official record of 5208?

I think you could say the pollen attack is at a temporary surge level. I don’t know if the evil insurgent trees can sustain this increased level of activity or not. Maybe it is time to withdraw?

For proof of the surge I’ll paste in a couple of photos of my rental car. Realize that when I took it from the rental car agency it was a shiny black. But the daily attacks it has endured is starting to show. The car looks like it has been spray painted mustard yellow. The pollen dust is on the floor mats, on the asphalt, on the roads. Their are car tracks in the hotel parking lot that look remind me of tracks in the snow. It is the same on the road ways, the ruts where the tires contact the pavement look normal, but the rest of the road is yellowish. If Look closely at the windshield of the car...I have to clean the windshield even after just leaving the car in a parking lot for lunch.

At least the high levels seem to affect everyone and I’m not the only one who is uncomfortable. My sinuses seem to have adapted ok, but my eyes are constantly burning. At the end of the day, my eyes burn like they do after being at the beach all day long.

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