Mar 25, 2010


max goes on a walkabout (the backyard)

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r of randf said...

voice from papai future (2015):

posted from a very different person than who posted this wonderful movie. it feels like a time traveler looking back on a person who never was.

we now have lived in Las Vegas for almost a year. we (I) were chased out of the 94th FS and our wonderful Dandy home by continuous long TDYs during the years of 2013 (5 months to Okinawa) and 2014 (2 months to Okinawa, several stateside TDYs, then the killer...3 months to Al Dhafra with only three days notice).

After settling down into the rhythm of ADAB, and getting more "where are you now papai" videos and voice notes from Max, i plunged headlong into searching for a new job. Unfortunately the best job with regard to deployments, pay, job skills, etc landed us in LV and me at LV area base.

the move was hard and loud arguing ensued. but the loud arguing had already become normal for us. it wasn't until max began acting as referee that i decided that "sucking it up" for the next 15 years so max could live in a unified home with a mommy and a daddy was a farce and likely to be even more detrimental that splitting up.

so this is the end of the first week of separation.