Mar 25, 2007

Mar 24 - Marietta Hostage Crisis - Day 75

Spring is in the air and so is all the pollen. My head hurts and my nose is running. So I decided to attack the problem head on. I went to visit the Botanical Garden near Piedmont Park. The were having an "Orchid" exhibition in their hothouses. I took some photos of the enemy, and here they are.

Afterwards, I drove around the corner to explore Piedmont Park. All in all a nice green place in the middle of the city. A LOT of people roaming around a big giant grassy area; reminded me of the Commons in Cambridge. A small lake, lots of people throwing frisbees, and the clincher...a pub right at the edge of the park! They had some pretty good Euro-beers, and thank the gods, they brewed their own beer as well. So I ordered a "Belgian Ale" and went to sit in the sun. Not quite the main square in Brugge, but it was pretty darn close.

I miss Europe!

Today's recommendation: Park Tavern


Larry Wu said...

Nice pictures...sorry about your allergies...Lori's are just starting. I gotta figure out how to post photos without downloading another program. Are you working as a contractor in Marrieta, GA?

r of randf said...

i've had mixed success on posting photos.

i have a program on the laptop that allows me to "journal" from my computer and add photos. it will upload my text directly to google blogger and make a new posting. the imbedded photos (and audio) won't go directly; my experiments led me to believe i have to have my own server for that.

i have had so-so success with google's "picassa" online photo hosting. sign up for an account, then load your photos to the picassa photo album using whatever program you choose. my iphoto will automatically send photos to picassa, and then i can cut and paste the html code back into the online google blogger post when you edit it.

one other way is to do the whole post online. the online post method allows you to upload photos directly from your desktop.

what has turned out to be the easiest is taking photos using my phone and then sending it directly to google blogger as email. i've set up my "moblog" to automatically take the photos and push them as a new post. then i come back to google blogger and edit that post and add text.

none of these are the perfect solution. my original goal was to do all the post from my desktop journal (photos and audio inclusive) for know when they make my life into a miniseries someday.

but the easiest way of pushing photos means i there is a little more work making sure my desktop journal has photos in it.