Sep 2, 2008

Gloria Steinem must be rolling over in her grave

oh wait...she's not dead yet. If that's the case...i wonder where Ms Steinem's outrage is at over NYT analysis "gems" like this over the Palin VP pick:

“When I first heard about Palin, I was impressed,” said Pamela Moore, a mother of two from Birmingham, Ala. But upon reading that Ms. Palin’s special-needs child was three days old when she went back to work, Ms. Moore began questioning the governor’s judgment. Partly as a result, she plans to vote for Senator Barack Obama.

Guess all those years of feminist talk didn't convince "liberal thinkers" like Ms Moore that women have a place outside the kitchen. But it does seem to have had an impact on conservatives like Ms Palin.

Who'd have thought?

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