Sep 13, 2008

Early Christmas

Wonder what's in the box? Of course Fran will disagree, but this might be her early Christmas present...a new MacBook!

Her old ibook died last week. Seems it suffered from a logic board fault that was part of a repair program. I remembered looking it up when I first found out a few years ago, but the S/N didn't fall within the correct the time. I looked it up again and found it was expanded and did include this poor little ibook. I think that the cost of repair for such an old laptop might not really be worth it.

So, after years of owning apple computers, this is the only serious hardware failure i've ever experienced. After 15-20 computers and peripherals, that's not too bad...especially considering that ibook had worked well for 6+ years and had been dragged all over the world. Not too bad at all.

Working or not, i know Fran will probably not want to part with her coveted little ibook. I don't see it going in the trash!

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